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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I commission a fursuit? (How do I buy a fursuit)

In order to commission a fursuit, you must wait until commission slots are open. Openings are announced on all Sibi Fursuits social media. A google form link will be posted where you can submit your character along with what you want made and other specifications. Once you submit your form simply wait for an email response with the price and further instructions.

I see fursuits on your page, can I buy one?

Most fursuits are commissioned works, meaning they were pre-purchased custom made suits that belong to a private owner. Any suits that states “For Sale” or have a link to “Dealers Den” (Fursuit Auction Site) are the only ones available for purchase.

How do I pay for a Fursuit?

All commissioned works are handled through paypal.

I found this character on the internet, can you make it into a suit?

No, I only make characters that are owned by the commissioner. All images on google and other sites are still owned by someone. All commissioners must declare they own the character they are submitting.

Do you make copyrighted characters? (Pokemon, digimon etc)

No, similar to stolen characters, copyrighted characters are still owned by someone else. However, characters that are inspired by copyrighted works, are accepted to an extent.

I don’t speak english, can I still get a suit?

English is my first language. However if you are still interested in commissioning a suit, we can both use google translate to communicate. It will take a bit longer and will require a lot of patience.

Do you allow pick up?

No. All commissioned works and orders are mail outs only.

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